Digital Paths

1st Course : Heritage & Culture Technological innovation, digital city & daily service

From the 1st of February 2013, Arles (55,000 inhabitants - 2 million tourists per year) becomes a digital laboratory city. At the heart of this project, the Digital Paths is exposed in full scale, a technologically innovative dynamic signage device.
Labeled Marseille Provence 2013 and retained by the Ministry of Culture & Communication*, Digital Paths provide a new way to experience the city. This new generation device that surfs on both innovation (QR Code, Smartphone, connected networks) and new digital uses (information sharing, content-rich, playful approach) is being trialed in Arles, before being deployed in other municipalities (many cities have already shown their interest in embracing the project).
* The digital paths are among the 60 projects qualifying as "innovative digital cultural services" by the Ministry of Culture and Communication in March 2012.

Follow the guide!

The Tabaluz (intelligent lighting tablets) adorn the facades of city streets, replacing the doors of the electric cupboards of the ERDF. A clever installation with a design that seamlessly integrates the cityscape and invigorates otherwise meaningless street furniture. 40 of these tablets now draw a path for you to follow through the streets of the city.

Signposts of a new kind

Tabaluz are lit colored windows (made of woven optical fiber and LED materials), that deliver information to Arles residents and visitors. Created in collaboration with dynamic economic and cultural stakeholders of the city, the contents of each Tabaluz include QR codes, which are virtual gateways to rich online content (videos, sounds, games, pictures, 3D, cartoons, etc...) that can be accessed using smartphones or tablet computers (50% of internet connections in 2013).
Thanks to digital technology, new experiences are accessible: listen to the podcast of a concert playing that same evening, play and learn about current exhibitions, discover booksellers’ monthly favorites in video, access new views, participate in a giant treasure hunt, access audio tours, report on the accessibility of surrounding streets.
Walls become urban media outlets. People can surf hyper local info. Tourism is given a boost.

A reactive urban media

The paths are an urban digital media. The color of each Tabaluz corresponds to a theme. Here are the different themes and the number of corresponding tabaluz located in the first term of 2013:

And tomorrow ?

Throughout the year 2013, within the framework of Marseille Provence European Capital of Culture, the Digital paths deploy new routes. 4 new trails will be dedicated to Heritage & Culture (February), the Museums of the City (May), Traditional Shops (summer), the painter Vincent Van Gogh (autumn) and Families (winter)